For almost 25 years now, a Tour of interactive Extreme Sports and Music outreach events, entitled “The Extreme Tour” has been produced by the Reach Alliance team. Our goal has been to provide an effective outreach event resource to our local partners in communities around the world. We use these Artistic Cultural Events to engage at-risk and counter culture target audiences by going directly to them with a compelling and inviting community event.

By bringing an exciting and free event, with music and activities that appeals to the target audience, from nationally known professional up and coming artists and athletes, a setting is created where the local partners can DEMONSTRATE God’s love with “no strings attached”, removing much of the resistance they normally may encounter from those they want to help. In this space, services and resources that meet the critical needs that those in the target audience may have can also be made available on-site.

While the members of The Reach Alliance staff are compelled by their Faith to serve as they do, it’s important to note that Extreme Tour Events are not “Christian concerts” with “Christian music” meant to appeal to the “Christian market.” To be clear, these events are not church events pretending to be rock concerts. They are genuine music and Extreme Sports events for the mainstream market, in public venues, brought to communities by teams of volunteers, many who often came from the same culture and background as the youth being reached, but who have an unshakable faith in Jesus and a desire to share His love with the lost.

This has proven to continue to be an effective model for demonstrating the Active Love of God, and has lead to the development of long term relationships that continue to bear tremendous fruit long after the initial engagement events themselves. Many of our local partners have been able to track much of the transformation of their churches and communities to the initial “spark” of that interaction at an Extreme Tour Event! Read more of what these partners have said under the “What People Are Saying” link on this page.

Over the past 20 years, the Extreme Tour has grown exponentially, moving far beyond the rural Southern Idaho desert communities that gave birth to this music and sports movement. The Extreme Tour is now, in terms of the number of communities visited in a year, the largest and longest running Extreme Sports & Music tour in the world. We currently visit over 100 communities each year in the United States, and there are now Extreme Tours happening in Canada, Europe, India, Asia, and South America! Many of the top recording artists in the industry today have also developed a passion for serving the needy by volunteering their time and talent while traveling and performing with us in skate parks, inner cities, and villages over the past two decades!

As well as the immediate assistance we hope to provide to people in need through the resources available at these events, our vision is to connect local at-risk, counterculture, and unchurched youth and adults to the churches and agencies in their communities who have a heart to welcome and reach them.

If that’s you or your church, then join with us in making this vision come to life in your city!


“The Extreme Tour has been an amazing experience for us, it brought our church body together and enabled us to reach out to our community for Christ. This ministry reaches those who may not ever step into a church building, but need God so desperately. Lives are ministered to and people are saved, and thats what it’s all about!”

– Steve and Leslie Yanez, Valley Christian Center Valley Springs, CA


“I’ve been privileged to have hosted the Extreme Tour for the past 2 years. Although some of the biggest bands in Christian rock circles today got their start on the Tour, the Tour itself is not about launching music careers. You won’t find BIG names on this tour- that’s not what this group is about. The Extreme Tour exists to train and equip “musicianaries” to go out in the world armed with faith to share the gospel message to those that would normally not ever be exposed to that message…

Unlike other tours that I have hosted this group is more about serving the venues they perform in and the surrounding communities. I’ve witnessed first hand how the tour transforms lives. 

I’m especially impressed with how tour leadership models a Christ centered life and mentors these upcoming bands. In fact I have regularly asked the tour to allow my staff & volunteers to participate in the tour meetings and bible studies in hopes that they will get a better understanding of what it’s like to share the gospel message to disenchanted or disenfranchised youth.

My first experience with The Extreme Tour had such a lasting and profound impact on me that it caused me to change the way I personally approach ministry at Murray Hill Theatre. I still maintain relationships & receive encouragement from bands that I have met on the Tour.”

– Flip Padilla, Manager Murray Hill Theatre Jacksonville, FL


“I love The Extreme Tour because of their love for God, love for people and their love to lead people to Jesus. They are highly talented in their music abilities and very bold to present Jesus Christ and His love for us by showing it themselves.”

– Jody Stuart, One Way Ministries Richfield, UT


“At Horizon Church we have a strong desire to reach out and make a significant impact in our local community. THE EXTREME TOUR has proved to be a trusted and powerful ministry partner to do just that! Not only do they provide quality musicianship through the bands they bring, but they also have a heart of servitude and humility in all they do. In fact, these guys will go to places and touch lives where many of us would never dream of going!

In addition to the impact made in our community, every year the band members and THE EXTREME TOUR leadership team leave an indelible mark on our church community as well. In fact, life-long friendships have been forged between many of the members of my church and the band members that travel with THE EXTREME TOUR.

As a pastor I am always skeptical about ministries that want to come minister in my church and to the community I love so dearly. Trust me when I say that you will not regret partnering with THE EXTREME TOUR, this ministry is definitely the REAL DEAL! If you would like to speak to me or one of my staff members about THE EXTREME TOUR, please call the number provided below. In His service, 

-Pastor Larry White, Horizon Church”

– Pastor Larry White, Horizon Church Victorville, CA
760-243-7375  //


“The Extreme Tour was for us an answer to prayer. We had been praying for a way to economically reach into the neighborhoods surrounding the Church in Macon with Christian Music. We weren’t sure what to expect as this was a new experience for everyone at the Church. The Extreme Tour was extremely helpful in providing information and by the time all the bands arrived we knew it was going to be an incredible experience…

Both years that we hosted the Tour, the bands were excellent. We were able to build relationships in a short amount of time that still last to this day. The music reached across generational lines and touched the hearts of every person that was present. After the closing moments of worship at the end of the concert there were Senior Adults in tears that were sad to see it all come to an end. Lives were changed. Christ was proclaimed. I cannot more strongly recommend the Extreme Tour to your city and your congregation. We hosted the tour for two years, and had a few of the bands that are close by to return for individual events since the initial experience with the Tour. If you’re considering it – do it!! I am now serving a different congregation in a different city and I will be working toward making it happen here in the City of Moultrie as well.”

– Rev. Mark Addington, Senior Pastor First United Methodist Church Moultrie, GA


“The Extreme Tour has been a blessing to me and my church. I have been blessed with the calling to reach the lost, and through several outreaches with the tour, I have begun to see the fruits of our labor. I have watched peoples lives be blessed and changed by Gods grace and forgiveness and have felt The Extreme Tour is an invaluable part of bringing Christ to our community.”

– Chris Maraia, Take Back Ministries Clearwater, FL


“It’s been a pleasure working with the Extreme Tour over the last five years! The spiritual growth in our town has been amazing!!! Being as California City is such a small town & thus ignored by “bigger” and more financially driven events, the impact on our community has been spectacular! Our church in particular has had a wealth of help through the Extreme Tour & our relationship to it! It’s great seeing the RAINBOW of hair coming to the Sunday night services as the seeds planted by all the bands start to bear fruit!!!!

Not to mention getting to meet & help all the amazing people serving in all the bands coming through!!! It’s like hitting the mission field without even leaving our own town!!! The Extreme Tour has become the event our entire “Youth/Young Adult” calendar revolves around.”

– Matt & Erin Bachara, Desert Song Church California City, CA


“The Extreme Tour was an absolute success! We held a skate competition with over 200 unchurched kids and adults attending the event, and over 300 in attendance for the concerts! Our community loved it! People are already asking when The Extreme Tour is returning! The best part? Seeing lives affected and changed through the ministry of the tour. The focus isn’t on performance…it’s Jesus, evangelism, and connecting on a personal level with kids and adults alike with THE message of Hope to communities!”

– Pastor Chris Wenzel, New Life Fellowship Lovelock, NV


“The Extreme Tour has been the single most powerful outreach tool I’ve seen. This year many students were impacted, but Nick’s story sticks out to me the most. After the last night’s show Nick tells me, ‘I’ve been thinking about following my father and being an atheist, tonight I decided to make this my church.’ Nick has been actively involved in our youth ministry ever since and brought friends.”

– Jonathan Landis, Youth Pastor Grace Assembly of God Parker, AZ