Rather than the mean streets of an urban inner city, the roots of the Reach Alliance stretch back, more than 25 years, to the isolated desert plateaus of Southern Idaho. While not a region that conjures up images of crime, conflict, or crisis; even in the small rural communities that dotted the desolate rocky landscape, there was still a significant segment of the population struggling with the kind of brokenness that leads to suffocating hopelessness.

Ted Bruun, an inexperienced and unlikely young leader, and a motley crew of perhaps even more unlikely people, set out on,what some felt was an unlikely mission to Demonstrate a Hope that would not disappoint to the corners of these communities that many had given up on. At Risk Youth and their families, Drug Addicts and Dealers, Pimps and Prostitutes, Victims and Victimizers, The Religious and the Rebellious, Alcoholics and even AIDS Patients…. Broken people of all sorts were impacted through various relational efforts and programs developed and implemented by Ted and his team. Over time, rich fruit would emerge, despite a lack of training, resources, and “likely” partners and allies; The Reach Alliance was a God-inspired, albeit very “grassroots,” effort from the very beginning.

A central piece of the strategy this team was inspired to develop and employ was the use of interactive creative arts concerts and events as a way to engage the audiences Ted and his team hoped to impact long term. In those “special event” settings, the team had the opportunity to begin the process of developing an ongoing relationship with those they wanted to REACH.

Countless relationships were formed, many many people were reached with the life changing Good News of the Gospel of the Hope that is found in Christ. Ted and his team, developed a reputation throughout Idaho of being a voice of Hope to the hopeless throughout Idaho,and soon, throughout the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by what was happening in the Southern Idaho desert, others began inviting Ted and his team to help them engage and REACH needy people groups in their communities.

A Tour of interactive Extreme Sports and Music events, entitled “The Extreme Tour” was produced and developed by what would become the Reach Alliance team. Its purpose was to use Extreme Sports and Music Events to reach at-risk and counter culture youth by going directly to them with a compelling and inviting community event.

By bringing an exciting and free event, with music and activities that appealed to the target audience, from nationally known professional up and coming artists and athletes, a setting could be created where the local partners could DEMONSTRATE God’s love with “no strings attached,” removing much of the resistance they normally encountered from those they wanted to help. In this space, services and resources that would assist them in making positive, healthy decisions for a successful life could also be made available on-site. This proved to continue to be an effective model for the development of long term relationships that continued to bear tremendous fruit long after the events ended and the Extreme Tour Teams had moved on to the next cities.

Eventually these events began to take place all over the United States and Canada. Now you can find these events taking place all around the world, on almost every continent!

As it was in the beginning, the events are produced completely through the efforts of volunteers! From the artists, to the staff, to the local partners; everyone gives of their time and effort freely, with no one receiving a salary of any kind. (Not even Ted Bruun, the Founder!)

The Extreme Tour always has been, and is now, a cooperative effort inspired by the faith-and charity of many different people. Like the Reach Alliance, The Extreme Tour is a non-profit, endeavor.

In 2004, the Reach Alliance team would also develop “Stitch’s Cultural Project,” an initiative to provide vision inspiration, mentoring, and regular support to our local partners as they developed strategies for permanent and ongoing ministry to, and discipleship of, the broken in their community. Out of this effort, a number of permanent outreach centers, support groups, resource ministries, and more have been established throughout the United States. Much more is expected as this project becomes a central focus of The Reach Alliance in 2016.

Finally, in 2007, Ted and the staff of The Reach Alliance established “The Objective Movement,” initially a series of inspirational meetings and summits meant to advocate that Creatives of all sorts awaken to their Divine Calling to be “Warriors” of Hope, demonstrating and declaring God’s Love with their gifts, skills and abilities. From those early gatherings, a movement and community has formed of virtually all kinds of Believers, who are united by a common commitment to follow this Missional Calling as a lifestyle. We stand together, endeavoring to collectively REACH the Broken in every forgotten corner of the world! Through this community effort, members of The Objective Movement are currently impacting over 30 countries, on virtually every continent!