The Extreme Tour has had a significant impact on the counter culture youth population of Salem, Oregon over the years. In 2004, the Reach Alliance team was invited by a group of local business leaders, in cooperation with a few local churches and ministries, to come and develop a permanent and ongoing strategy for outreach and ministry to this segment of that community. Ted and his team did an assessment of the community and came to the conclusion that an Outreach Center needed to be established to facilitate the many activities such a ministry would engage in. Together, with the assistance of many generous partners, “Stitch’s,” an outreach center and resource based ministry was developed, and in the first year and a half, served over two thousand registered members!

Over the past decade, “Stitch’s” has provided emergency food, clothing and housing referrals to the homeless and youth in crisis. The program has provided ministerial care and counseling referrals, life skills classes, vocational training, support groups and addiction recovery, positive recreational alternatives, discipleship and a positive faith community to many people who had not trusted other institutions or programs previously. “Stitch’s” continues to be an inspiration for effective outreach ministry in Salem, Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest.


As other partners from other projects of The Reach Alliance began to hear about the work being done in Salem through the “Stitch’s” facility, many began to express an interest in members of The Reach Alliance assisting them with establishing permanent and ongoing outreach and ministry strategies in their communities. It was determined that there was much impact opportunity to be realized by assisting our friends as we were able by sharing what we had learned over the years through our work establishing “Stitch’s”, and the outreach efforts on the road with the Extreme Tour.


“Stitch’s Cultural Project” was established as an initiative to provide vision inspiration, mentoring, and regular support to our local partners as they developed strategies for permanent and ongoing ministry to, and discipleship of, the broken in their community. Out of this effort, a number of permanent outreach centers, support groups, resource ministries, and more have been established throughout the United States.

Although this effort is still in it’s relatively early stages of implementation, much more is expected as this project becomes a central focus of The Reach Alliance in 2016